handmade shells wings, craft and art supplies

handmade shells wings, craft and art supplies


Handmade shells wings, craft and art supplies.. Shell angel wings that were hand-cut for artwork or assemblages. I started cutting these wings for my own assemblage works and have enough that I'm sharing with other artists! This is a pair of hand-carved shell wings. They are made using salvaged Great Lakes clam shells that were found empty. (we have a muskrat who nests near our cottage dock) This pair is very solid, for this type of shell, and could possibly be used in a jewellery design but please keep in mind that the backs are rough and some of the edges are a bit sharp, especially on the points of the “feathers”. The shells have been lightly sealed with a clear acrylic to brighten their finish.

This pair has a range of mottled colours in a mix of purplish-white and goldish brown. They are aprox. 1 1/2” ( 4 cm) by 3 1/2” ( 8.5 cm) in size.

They will qualify for the “Canada Post small packet air” option in shipping and multiple pairs, shipped together, will cost almost the same as a single one. We have tried to do a “worst case” on the shipping prices, due to the variances in Canada Posts costs by location. We will refund any overcharges.

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