Will Graham fanart bear,

  • $45.00

Will Graham from Hannibal fanart teddy bear. FBI profiler Will Graham in a cuddly stuffed dog! (you know Hannibal wants one)

He is dressed to go fishing and has on a blue jersey shirt, soft green hip-waders and a pale tan fishermans vest with a fleece lining. The vest has a handmade fishing fly attached and while it is done from real feathers, it has no barb or point on the hook. He has wired glasses that are not removable.

On his head rests an ornate flower crown. All the clothes are removable and the crown is not attached.

The base dog has a soft, plush fur in caramel colour. The ears are both different colours than the body. One is lighter and the other is darker than the rest of his fur. The tail is also in the darker ear fur.

Due to the plastic eyes, flower crown and faux hook, this bear is NOT suitable for small children.

He is 14" ( 35 cm) long.

The base dog he was made from was found second-hand, but I am very picky about quality and condition.

The flower crown can be sewn down at no charge.