Skull gun with black glitter, prop weapon

  • $20.00

Black glitter skull gun, goth prop weapon. A goth gun for cosplay or costume, a glitter black skull! This piece is related to my “Fruit Gun” series, but is a bit different. A black glittered skull is the barrel of a gun. The base of the gun is plastic but the grip has been wrapped in salvaged black leather and metal accents cover the join between it and the skull. The skull is Styrofoam, so must be handled with some care. It is covered in a fine black glitter, with rainbow flash in some highlight areas. There is no trigger. It is aprox. 8” x 5”

I have a number of display frames that are available for this gun. The gun simply sits in an antique brass hoop so it easy to display and to remove, if needed for a costume. The frame is wood, and the backing is paper over a wood panel. I have a number of frames to choose from, so please email me and I will show you the options. Outside of the frame is aprox 10”x 12”