Silver Greenman, leaf Venetian gilded mask for men

  • $50.00

This mask is based on the “Greenman” figures that are found hidden in old English churches. I think it especially suits a bearded man but it gives a very fey appearance to anyone who wears it. Perfect for any masquerade ball, carnival or cosplay event. If you want to hang it for display then a hanging loop can be added at no additional charge. Just contact me and we can discuss your preferred style/colour for the loop.

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This is for a Venetian style mask. It is full sized, meaning that it will fit an average sized face, and its title is “Silver Greenman”. The base is papier mache that has been covered with silk leaves. (the use of the leaves and flowers this way is my own unique design, but the rest of the methods are traditional Venetian) The finish is not paint but silver metal leaf that has been hand-painted and antiqued, to bring out the details and sealed to keep it beautiful. This is one of a series of leaf faced masks I have made but I hand-make each mask base and then individually design and hand-cut each one so they are all unique art pieces. The inside is black

This piece is 7 1/2” ( 18 cm) wide, 4 1/2” ( 12 cm) high and around 3”( 7cm) deep. The centre leaf is an additional 1 1/2” ( 3.5 cm) high. The black ribbon ties are 15” ( 38 cm) long. It is signed and titled on the inside.

It may look fragile, but my masks are quite sturdy, my crafting method means they are more flexible than most Venetian ones, but just as strong. The finish is real copper gilt, but I have developed techniques with applying and sealing it, so my masks can flex without chipping and are very hard to scratch. They can be worn with no problems so don't worry about having to take special care of it. Just keep it away from high levels of moisture. Each of my masks are hand-cut for both the edges and the eye-holes so they will vary from piece to piece.

Please Note: I have tried to get pictures that are as colour accurate as possible but they may appear different than life on your monitor.


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