Silver and Magenta Venetian style mask "Magneto"

  • $60.00

This is for a Venetian style inspired mask and its title is “Magneto”. The base is papier mache that has been detailed around the edges and then has been been gilded with silver metal leaf. The gilding was then antiqued and sealed to keep it beautiful. The inner part of the mask is a striking magenta finish that is covered in a layer of tiny red glass beads, so it shimmers and sparkles and also reads very differently from every angle. The inside is black.

Due to the size and shape, you must choose the "Canada Post Large Air box" option for shipping.

This piece is 10”(25.5 cm) wide, 6”(15 cm) high and around 3”(8 cm) deep. The black grosgrain ribbon ties are 12”(31 cm) long.

It may look fragile, but my masks are quite sturdy, my crafting method means they are more flexible than most Venetian ones, but just as strong. They can be worn with no problems so don't worry about having to take special care of it. Just keep it away from high levels of moisture.


This mask was inspired by the comic/movie character so it would, in my opinion, be best suited to a man. That being said, it would still look amazing on a woman!

It will also make a stunning display piece, when not making you into a superhero! (or mutant villain, depending on your interpretation)