Lock Doll, found object doll pendant

  • $30.00

This one of a trio that I am calling “The Dolls”. This one is the Lock Doll. A tiny vintage lock hangs below a key holder. On the right side is a silver coloured metal wing and on the left, a vintage dolls arm. A fine, stainless steel, 18” (46 cm) ball chain hangs from the “head” of the key holder. The doll is about 3 1/4” (8 cm) long. The lock is on perpendicular to the key holder so it rests with a slight twist when worn. I do not have the key to the lock. The text on the key holder reads: “finder return to THE CINCINNATI RUBBER MFG.CO. Cincinnati, Ohio”

I mostly work with salvaged, vintage and antique materials so it is rare that I can confirm what exactly they are made of. If I know for sure, I'll include it in the listing, but otherwise I can not tell you what is in all the components. For this reason I do not recommend any of my pieces for those with metal/chemical allergies/sensitivities OR children!

Please Note: I have tried to get pictures that are as colour accurate as possible but they may appear different than life on your monitor.

My jewellery pieces are all one-of-a-kind artworks and I can not make multiples of anything. It may be possible, depending on the design, for me to create something similar if a group is needed, but even then it will probably be a very limited number.
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