Key, watch band and button necklace, Banded Buttons

  • $65.00

Is pretty post-apocalyptic a thing? I think it should be a thing since that is the best descriptor for this necklace, “Banded Buttons”. Sometimes I come across vintage or antique pieces that have such great character that they have to become jewellery, even if that means using them in unconventional ways. What started this piece was the antique black leather watch band that makes up the bottom of the right side. It had such great character and wear and it perfectly went with oxidized vintage button and key that are the “pendant”. While I could have gone completely androgynous with the design, I thought the delicacy of the parts felt a bit more feminine and so the rest of the right side of the necklace is a length of vintage ribbon decorated with tiny, antique mother-of-pearl buttons. They give it a prettiness to balance the roughness of the rest. Salvaged dark metal chain makes up the left side. The necklace is a total of around 18” (46 cm) and the “pendant” falls another 3” (7.5 cm).