Green Cthulhu altered bear toy

  • $25.00

Green Cthulhu altered bear toy. It is the terrifying visage of Lovecraft's Cthulhu in a cute and cuddly form. The base is a salvaged bear that has been altered. The fabric is rough fabric that is very shiny and sparkly. The "fur" of the plush is an iridescent plastic material. He has a rounded head and a cluster of tentacles as his mouth. He also two pairs of wings on his back. The tentacles are made from dark green felt and the wings area reptile skin printed fabric. His legs are not jointed, so he cannot stand. He can sit well on a shelf or flat surface.

Due to the plastic eyes, this is NOT suitable for small children.

He is 12" (30.5 cm) high.

The base toys he was made from were found second-hand, but I am very picky about quality and condition.