Gold and purple feathered Ventian mask "Purple Reign"

  • $80.00

This is for a Venetian style costume mask. The base is papier mache and it has been almost completely encrusted with real lace, to detail the mask. The finish is not paint but gold metal leaf that has been antiqued, to bring out the details and sealed to keep it beautiful. The lace comes to three points along the top and is decorated with a range of purple rhinestones. Soft purple feathers fan out above the gilded points. The inside is black.

I call this "Purple Reign"

Due to the size and shape, you must choose the "Canada Post Large Air box" option for shipping.

The heavy lace that makes the ornate edge details around the crown is now completely out of stock! As a result, I can not fill any custom orders for masks with this edge design. Custom options are still possible for this colour combination, but will require different lace/shape choices.

This piece is 8 1/2” (22 cm) wide, 7” (18 cm) high and around 3” (7.5 cm) deep. The black ribbon ties are 12” (31 cm) long. The feather crown comes out an additional 4” (10 cm). It is signed and titled on the inside.

It may look fragile, but my masks are quite sturdy, my crafting method means they are more flexible than most Venetian ones, but just as strong. They can be worn with no problems so don't worry about having to take special care of it. Just keep it away from high levels of moisture.

The shape, amount of detail, and feather crown mean this mask is not only beautiful, but a great disguise. A simple dress is all you need, with this mask, to be the Belle (or Beau) of the ball. The rest of the time it will be a striking display piece!