Falcon bear, Sam Wilson fanart stuffed toy

  • $40.00

Falcon bear, Sam Wilson from the Winter Soldier, fanart stuffed toy. The Falcon may not have his own movie yet, but I couldn't resist making a bear version of him! He is based on the look from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The base bear has a variable brown plush fur. He has lighter plush pads on his paws.

He is wearing a blue jersy fabric shirt, wings with a harness and a pair of red lensed goggles. The wings are both painted and quilted and are quite soft and floppy. The shirt, wings and harness are not removable but the goggles are. They are tied with black ribbons and can be removed or adjusted.

His arms and legs are floppy so he can not stand without support.

Due to the plastic eyes, this bear is NOT suitable for small children.

He is 14" ( 35.5 cm) long.

The base bear he was made from was found second-hand, but I am very picky about quality and condition.