Eye Fairy, salvaged steampunk art doll pendant

  • $30.00

This one of a style that I am calling “The Fairies”. This one is the Eye Fairy. Her head is a vintage silver metal watch case that surrounds a single brown glass eye.  Below that, a pair of red stained, mother-of-pearl “wings” hang behind a marbled wooden egg body. A silver metal chain 26” (66 cm) chain hangs from the top of the watch case. The figure is about 3 1/2” (8.5 cm) long. The eggs came to me already painted, and I think they were probably made some time in the 70's. They are wooden inside and the marbling appears to be a mix of good quality enamel paints, possibly even automotive. While the marbling is very well done, it has the small bubbles, blank areas and cracks you would expect from this kind of hand-done finish.