Drage Mage Rage black leather jacket

  • $225.00

Dragon Mage Rage black leather jacket, men's large. A man's large black leather altered jacket with Dragon Age, Mage Rage designs. While I've been working with salvaged leather for years now, I've just recently started altering and creating complete leather jackets. They are also the largest fan art I've done, so far at least. This jacket is based on the Dragon Age series of video games but is most heavily influenced by the second one. While it was inspired by DA, it would easily work for many fantasy or cyberpunk LARPs and costumes.

A vintage black leather jacket is the base. It's a men's large to extra-large and the waist is around 44”.

The back has been hand-painted and has a large pair of glowing blue eyes at the centre. Above and below are the words “Mage Rage”. The eyes and words will glow under black light, as shown in the last few photos. The right shoulder has a black protective plate sewn down on it. Real black feathers fall from the plate and it also has a faux fur pad beneath it. More black feathers decorate the left shoulder, with a black grosgrain ribbon edging.

The left front has three pale bands with the Grey Warden motto on them. (In peace, vigilance; In war, victory; In death, sacrifice) A silver pin of a chess piece knight sits on the pocket strap below. The right side has a large, ornate, metal pendant sewn down, above the pocket. It has a watercolour of the Gallows at it's centre with blood-red beads and black feathers hanging below. A number of painted and embroidered patches are scattered over the arms, front and bottom of the jacket. They depict: wolves, a scorpion, justice scales, a flaming heart, wings and other symbols from the game. A pair of round metal buttons are on each point of the collar. Large, ornate silver metal buttons close the front and two pockets on the front. There are four small pouches with snap closures around the bottom.

It has been heavily distressed and looks filthy but the “dirt” was carefully applied and is solidly attached.