Blue-green and silver Venetian bird mask with Rhinestones. "Goggle"

  • $70.00

This is for a Venetian style inspired mask. It is full sized, meaning it will fit an average sized face, and its title is “Goggle”. The base is papier mache that has been painted, on the black areas and gilded with silver metal leaf on the beak and eyes. The gilding in done in the traditional manner and then sealed to keep it beautiful. The front of the face has been encrusted with glittering, faceted rhinestones in a range of green to blue-green gems. Over each eye is a strip of ostrich plume in a deep blue-green. The feathers are very soft and fluffy so they have great movement. (the photos' were taken in a light wind so you can have some idea how much they can move) I hand-make each mask base and then individually design and hand-cut each one so they are all unique art pieces. The inside is black.

Due to the size and shape, you must choose the "Canada Post Large Air box" option for shipping.

This piece is 9” (23 cm) wide, 4 1/2” (11.5 cm) high and around 1 1/2” (4 cm) deep. The beak projects an additional 3” ( 7.5) forward. The black ribbon ties are 12” ( 31 cm) long. The feathers are, on average, 5” long and very mobile.

It may look fragile, but my masks are quite sturdy, my crafting method means they are more flexible than most Venetian ones, but just as strong. The finish on the beak is silver metal gilt, but I have developed techniques with applying and sealing it, so my masks can flex without chipping and are very hard to scratch. They can be worn with no problems so don't worry about having to take special care of it. Just keep it away from high levels of moisture. Each of my masks are hand-cut for both the edges and the eye-holes so they will vary from piece to piece.


While I've been inspired by traditional Venetian masks, this style of bird mask is my own design. I call them the “Glorious Birds” and it is both fun and beautiful! The gemed face makes it just shimmer. While I pick my titles by how they speak to me, this mask would look great on a man or a woman and make a stunning display piece, when not making you look amazing!