Antique milk glass cameo button

  • $9.00

A beautiful Victorian cameo in milk glass button. The glass cameo is in good condition with no chips of cracks, just some dirt in it's detail lines. (this could be remnants of original paint over the face) The surround is not doing quite as well. While it is still solid, almost all of the original black paint has been lost and it has a layer of rust. I chose to leave it in found condition, but it most likely could be restored with some polishing and a repaint. There is also light rust on the back.

This button measures 1" ( 2.5 cm) across and is nearly 3/4" thick, when you include the shank.

This button will fit in the "Canada Post small box" shipping option. If you want to combine multiple listings please feel free to contact me and I can calculate your total shipping in advance.