Infinity War Bucky Barnes bear, Winter Soldier toy

Infinity War Bucky Barnes bear, Winter Soldier toy


Bucky Barnes bear in Infinity War trailer costume. Winter Soldier bear, in the costume from the Infinity War trailer. From the Infinity War trailer, Bucky is ready to fight in the defense of Wakanda!

A bear with rough, rusty brown fur is wearing a black faux leather jacket, that has been made based on what we can see of his costume in the battle for Wakanda. His left arm has been replaced with a prosthetic in a dark, textured, metallic silver. It has been quilted in gold thread to echo the arm plates. He has a gun harness that partially shows from the front and covers part of his upper back and a pair of soft, dark brown pants. The arm, clothes and harness are not removable.

Due to the plastic eyes, this bear is NOT suitable for small children.

He stands 10" ( 25.5 cm) tall.

The base bear he was made from was found second-hand, but I am very picky about quality and condition.

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