Pocket watch face ornament or pendants

Pocket watch face ornament or pendants


*Please specify which pendant you want when ordering!!*

My original concept for these was as holiday ornaments. They can be used that way but most people have chosen to wear them as pendants. Each comes with an adjustable ribbon so it can easily be worn. If you would like to keep your options open, I have a wide assortment of modern and vintage ribbons and am happy to include a length with your purchase so you can hang it on a tree instead. (or swap it for a different colour ribbon, if you want to wear it) Just message me with what you're looking for and I can let you know what I have.

I have a number of these already on hand and all the ones shown in the listing photos are available. It is also possible to customize one or make a co-coordinating group. Please contact me to discuss the details of any custom requests.

All of my watch face pendants are made from real, antique pocket watch faces and many will have fine to large cracks or even losses of their enamel. While they are pretty sturdy (and waterproof!) the copper is thin enough that it can be bent under pressure or by sharp impacts. That can cause more damage/loss to the enamel so do not handle them too harshly or use them as a bending fiddle object.

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