Steampunk Post-apocalyptic black leather jacket, Mens XL

Steampunk Post-apocalyptic black leather jacket, Mens XL


Sterampunk Post-apocalyptic black leather jacket, men's XL. Men's extra large black leather altered black leather jacket with Post-apocalyptic and sTeampunk decorations. I've started making altered leather jackets and while most are fandom inspired, this one is was just straight up post-apocalyptic with a hint of Stesampunk. ( but I did use a geeky quote, it just fit too well ) It's solidly constructed so could be part of your LARP outfit or other cosplay but it's probably a bit too extreme for everyday wear.

The base is a men's 46 black bomber style jacket. Please feel free to contact me if you want any specific measurements.

Due to it's size and weight you must select “Canada Post oversize parcel” at the shipping menu.

The right side and sleeve have been armoured with trio of protective pads and plates, making a double layer at the shoulder. The left side also has a smaller shoulder pad. Both shoulders and the crook of the right arm also have metal watch bands giving more protection. The back is decorated with a large, painted, burning clock face. (the flames will glow under black light, as shown in the last photograph) Around it, made from salvaged clock, watch and metal bits are the words “Time is the Fire”. A cluster of metal salvage and buttons covers the heart area of the left chest and a heavily damaged watch and band falls down the right front. A number of embroidered patches are scattered on the jacket. Most are illegible but a thin red one on the left sleeve reads “The best of times”. Gold clock hands are roughly sewn down on the points of the collar and look like some sort of rank insignia. It has been heavily distressed and looks filthy but the “dirt” was carefully applied and is solidly attached.

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