Stealth Captain America bear, Steve Rogers Winter Soldier

  • $50.00

Stealth Captain America bear, Steve Rogers Winter soldier toy. Captain America is keeping a lower profile while working for SHIELD so has on his "stealth" uniform from the "Winter Soldier" movie.

The base bear has a short, very pale cream plush fur. He has matching felt pads on his feet and paws.

He is wearing a decorated dark blue jacket and matching pants. He also has a brown harness, over his shoulders and a brown belt with metal "buckle". The clothes, belt and harness are not removable.

He is jointed and can sit or stand but can not stand without leaning. His clothes are tight so the limbs do not move easily.

Due to the plastic eyes, this bear is NOT suitable for small children.

He is 11" ( 28 cm) long.

The base bear he was made from was found second-hand, but I am very picky about quality and condition.

I have made a small group of 3 1/2" (9 cm) plastic shields. One can be added to the listing for an additional $5. If you are interested, please contact me and I will send you pictures of the options. The shields do not attach to the harness or arm.