Antique watch and button necklace, Button Time

  • $55.00

Sometimes I come across vintage or antique pieces that have such great character that they have to become jewellery, even if that means using them in unconventional ways. I call this piece “Button Time”, it is strongly asymmetrical and the focal is a vintage watch and band. The band makes up the bottom of the right side and extends below as a pendant, along with the ornate watch case. A tiny brass key hangs as a charm from the bottom of the case. The rest of the right side of the necklace is a length of vintage ribbon decorated with antique mother-of-pearl buttons. A carved antique mop button joins to the band, marking the center point of the necklace and starting the left side. A salvaged and partially oxidized gold-tone chain completes it. The button has fabulous rainbow flash so it balances the drama of the black band. The necklace is a total of 18” (46 cm) and the “pendant” falls another 3” (7.5 cm). The watch is still in the case, but does not work. If you wanted the watch removed and an image or item to replace it, that should be possible.

I mostly work with salvaged, vintage and antique materials so it is rare that I can confirm what exactly they are made of. If I know for sure, I'll include it in the listing, but otherwise I can not tell you what is in all the components. For this reason I do not recommend any of my pieces for those with metal/chemical allergies/sensitivities OR children!

Please Note: I have tried to get pictures that are as colour accurate as possible but they may appear different than life on your monitor.

My jewellery pieces are all one-of-a-kind artworks and I can not make multiples of anything. It may be possible, depending on the design, for me to create something similar if a group is needed, but even then it will probably be a very limited number.
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