Using salvaged clock parts for prop gun wall display

Here is another of the wall displays for the modded prop guns. Again, I started with a vintage frame. A textured wallpaper also covers the backing board.


The gun for this one is a Steampunk mod and is quite vibrant with it's dark brown, gold details and bright orange transparent sections so the soft, light colours of the frame really show it off. The orange parts are original and light up when the trigger is pulled.


Due to the light and sound effects, the gun needs batteries and the bottom of the grip flares out to accommodate them. I was able to use a salvaged brass plate from a clock to help hold it in the frame.


The four posts that held the box of the clockworks are still attached and the trigger hole slides over one while the bottom flare rests on another. Another small brass piece from the clock stabilized the display supports. All I had to do was bend it's attached steel strip so it cradles the barrel. The gun can be lifted out easily but is secure on the wall. (So much of the plate is seen, so I decided to upgrade and went for actual brass screws to attach it to the backing board. They only cost a couple of dollars but look much better than steel. Your other option, if you can't find any, is to paint the tops.)