Fairy doll pendants from found objects

While I've frequently got some sort of plan for many projects, there are other things that come from putting random parts of the stash near each other and then seeing what my mind comes up with. Considering that I'm working with mostly salvaged and found materials, it generally means that there will only be one or two of any concept that they spark, but sometimes there can be slightly larger groups.


A few years ago, I found some eggs. They were quite small, around 1 1/2” and painted with a wonderful marbled range of colours. At first, I thought they might have been plastic but a closer look showed that not only were they wood, but that their marbling was hand-done. They were a bit reminiscent of old Fordite and depth of the colours as well the smooth texture of the surface make me think they might have used automotive paint. Someone had gone to a great deal of trouble to make them but then either never got around to their intended use or did, and these were the leftovers. This is one of the cases where I would love to know the history of a supply bit, but it's unlikely I'll ever find out how they came into my path.


Their size and shape was close to a few vintage doll arms I had and one got used to make a small wearable doll. I loved the look of the doll, but had used all the spare arms so put them aside again.


By the time I went into my next round of jewellery making, I'd added a group of leaf-shaped mother-of-pearl beads to the stash. Looking at those beads, I saw they could also read as wings and the scale was very close to the eggs! I had to put together pairs of the shell “wings” and match them each egg since the colours were so individual, due to the marbling. Then it was figuring out how to get them all hang together so the “doll” illusion held and then matching each group to assorted bits for the heads. A few got watch cases and ended up as the funky ones, while the ones with the glass bead heads turned out to look almost like little angels. I was happy enough with them that I used up all of the eggs, even if it did pain me to not keep one “just in case”!