An Infinity War, Bucky Barnes bear

Just before the holidays, I finished a new Bucky bear design. The Infinity War trailer had dropped and we got a look at Bucky fighting, alongside Cap, Black Widow and the Hulk with the Wakandan forces. It was a brief clip but he's clearly no longer the Hydra Winter Soldier and has a new outfit and metal arm. It's a good look and seemed to show well enough that I decided to try a bear version. It was kick-started by a piece of metallic fabric that I'd found a while ago but was holding on to since it was a bit too dark and textured to match his old arm. Luckily, it really close to what we could see of the new metal. I also had some metallic gold thread and while I was able to use for the detail quilting on the arm, it doesn't show up as strongly as the black did on the brighter silver. After a few experiments with multiple layers of it, I was able to get it to show more, but it's not high on my list of “fun” materials since it's so prone to breaking!


We never get to see his back so I just went with a variant of his earlier gun harness and changed the strapping supports to match the front ones we can see. The brown fabric I found that looks like the new pants is probably a bit softer than screen accurate, but I'm letting it slide since the colour and texture are so close. While this one doesn't have the leg holster on his right side, I might put it on the second, larger one that is almost finished. The bear legs are so short that getting the straps to look right is pretty difficult.


I'm happy with how he came out but now I'll have to wait until May to see if how close I actually got to the new costume!