Displaying the Sonic Screwdrivers

When I starting doing weapon mods, I really didn't think much about how to display them. I'd thought most people would want them for add-ons to costumes but as soon as I started taking them to shows it became very clear that many people wanted a way to have them out on display the rest of the time. That gave me another challenge since it's hard to predict what sort of display space they will have so it was necessary that whatever I come up with not be too complicated or expensive. It was also helpful to me if it happened to be something I could use as show display too. I do custom framing, and was able to work out a series of display frames and mounts for a chunk of the guns, (which I'll discuss in some later posts) but the Sonic Screwdrivers called for something a bit different.


In the process of buying stock for the vintage shop, we have a wide range of other things that tend to turn up as parts of box lots and the like but aren't good/old/interesting enough to make to the shelves. That was where I ran across a photo display. It was not very old and had wires, set into a small stone base. There were wire circle springs at the top where you could slide in a photo and the wires could be bent or spread depending on how you want to show them. This was an easy starting point since the base had a simple clean look and good weight to it, making it very stable. I snipped off the circles and then bent the tips of the wires over. They were then wrapped in a bit of padding and then covered in little black leather pads. (salvaged leather from the stash, but you could use any solid, soft fabric)


I wanted to make sure there was no chance of whatever was displayed being scratched, and the leather gives great protection.


That was it! The Sonic Screwdriver is then just slipped in between the pads, alternating directions so it sits evenly. It's easy to pop in and out for use but looks good the rest of the time and takes up very little table space.