Modding a sonic screwdriver, the third

The third screwdriver wasn't quite as planned as the first 2. I'd had a concept in mind for both of them and choose the pieces that worked best for each. With the third, it was a matter of having the set of “leftovers” and then figuring out how to make a cohesive design from them.


The grip section had very little done to it. I left the one half in it's original white but decided to cover the rest with some salvaged black leather. (I'm pretty sure that was what the black plastic for that part was supposed to look like) It was cut to fit and then sewn on with the suede side out. I also added a layer of glue around the edges since the fine leather would have rolled and shifted a bit without it. With the glue, it's fixed, smooth and stable and has a much better feel in the hand.


The switch section was gilded with a mix of a silver and a variegated gold metal leaf. Bands of the detailed metal watch band pieces were added between it's own textured panels to give it even more interest. Four watch winders were put along the top edge as well.


As for it's top, a large yellow glass gem was set in. It had a hole drilled through one facet and wires were run through that. They wove into the setting and were fixed down inside it. This not only gives it a bit more detail but also make it much stronger and secure.


Again, I wanted it to be able to be carried with a costume and this design means it can be handled without having to be too careful. The end is very similar but just has a small green frosted marble. It was small and light enough that it could simply be glued securely into place.