Cerberus, Guarding the Gates of Heck

While I've made quite a few pieces that are fan inspired, I don't often get into memes much. (and really, if it weren't for the younger demographic on my fandom and Facebook feeds, I wouldn't even know about most of them) Sometimes, however, you get a weird coincidence that can make some things look more planned than they were.

To make my Cerberus dogs, I need a matched set of three, so I have to collect suitable options in a (ridiculously large) stockpile. Sometimes it can take years to get the right trio and other times I'll put them together pretty quickly. I'd had a single white Husky sitting for over a year and was starting to think it might be best used some other way but I got lucky in the late summer and found another pair. (The white ones are especially difficult since I'm so picky about condition and white shows any wear.)

I put them together right away since there were so shows booked for this fall. It was within a few days of finishing him that I started seeing this photo around of three pups looking through a hole in a fence. It amused me how much they looked like the stuffie so I've decided to run with it and titled this one, “Cerberus, Guarding the Gates to Heck”!