New blog for Ladyinthetower!

Welcome. I'd had a store on Etsy for the past eight years but closed it at the end of May. (it's closed, but you can still see my reviews and all that if you click through) It took a while, but I've finally got this place up and running! While I've had another blog going for a few years for my little store, the Green Cottage Gallery in Shakespeare, Ontario. I haven't been very good recently about keeping it updated these days. Also, it's a bit more focused on the fun vintage finds we have there as well as local issues. (and my garden) I can make no promises about being better with it, but feel free to follow me there, if that is more in line with your interests. Trying to get my feet wet in Instagram (you can find me as ladyinthetowershop ) as well as getting this site up and running has taken a chunk of my writing/photography time so we'll see if I can keep up with it all. If the winter is as snowy as the wet fall leads to think it might be, I should have lots to time to snuggle up in my cozy little workshop and write.


What I'm hoping to do here is talk about what creative projects I'm working on and dive into the process as well as how I got there. I'll also try to share some of the things that are helping me figure out how to do the things I want. Please jump in with questions if I'm unclear about something or if you want more details. I will try clarify what I can!